Digital Object Recognizer

 | Post date: 2021/02/4 | 
Digital Object Recognizer (DOR) is a unique code for each object that acts as a fingerprint. The DOR International Code can be assigned to journal and conference articles, books, dissertations, works of art, software, etc. This identifier acts as a barcode to identify objects. By receiving the DOR code from, a link is assigned to the object, which makes access to it possible forever.

Users of the fast data upload system ( do not need to re-register in the DOR system.

The advantages of DOR ID for articles are the following:
- The most important advantage of this ID is accessing articles more easily; in a way that instead of knowing all the bibliographic information of an article, it is enough to access It directly with just one click on the DOR code. 
- Another advantage of this identifier is in referencing scientific articles. Article submission with DOR is both simpler and faster and decreases the possibility of errors.
- More visibility of an article can increase the number of citations to it and in this regard, the impact factor of the journal will increase and as a result, and its credibility will increase.
The Islamic World Science Citation Database and DOR ID Production Service are now available for journal management systems, where journals can request an ID for each article from their journal site with one click. It should be noted that the International DOR ID is valid immediately after production and presentation.