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مشاهده پایگاه فارسی

About us:

As the pioneer of content management software providers of Iran, YektaWeb Company began its studies about scientific international websites in 2004 and after one year of precise exploring of many universities and scientific foundations’ websites, all around the world, has presented the first version of its software in 2005. From that time, YektaWeb has established more than 1200 online databases of scientific journals, conferences, scientific societies, universities and other research centers.
YektaWeb CMS has developed more and more gradually by the comments and opinions of the costumers and providers in all these 13 years and the current situation of the software has passed many different experimental tests in order to fulfill the essential needs of the scientific society of Iran.
By all these developments, at this time, the YektaWeb intelligent software has become the most powerful equipment for automatically data gathering and content managing which can be used in scientific databases, journals, conferences, universities, scientific associations and publications.
The two main policy-makers of Iranian scholarly journals, i.e. Commission of Scientific Journals and Commission of Medical Sciences Journals, are now both using the YektaWeb intelligent software for real-time gathering of their sieged journals’ data and evaluate them completely automatically. Beyond these, more than 600 journals are using the YektaWeb intelligent journal management software, more than 200 conferences are using the Yektaweb intelligent conference management software, about 100 scientific associations are using the YektaWeb intelligent association management software, and so many universities and institutes are using the Yektaweb intelligent content management software for their websites.
Due to the increasing demands for process managing from scholarly journals and conferences, YektaWeb has established its Executive and Indexing Department (YektaPub) from 2015 and has started to become an indexing database and also a scientific publisher. To achieve these goals, we have run the Iranian Research Information System (irisweb.ir), which gathers all journals and conferences data of Iranian scientific society and provide a trustable source of scientific data for researchers. All these are done completely automatically that differentiate irisweb.ir from all similar Domestic and International scientific databases. Indexing the scholarly journals in validated and reliable international indices are one of the main goals of YektaPub department. We have presented the “Management & Executive Standard of Scholarly Journals” in Iran for the first time in 2011 and so many journals are using this standard at the time, which help them in achieving the best practice of scientific journals, preventing mal-publication and also committing to publication ethics.      
We are proud of presenting the unique services to the scientific society of Iran. We will never stop developing and progressing and we believe that completeness will never be captured but only can be approached. So we are always trying to resolve our mistakes and deficits near our active and loyal costumers.